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Investing In Tax Lien Property

Tax lien investing is a popular way for many to build their bankroll without taking on excessive risk and with little initial outlay.

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General Overview of Tax Lien Certificates

Tax lien certificates are usually sold once a year. You should look into and understand the laws governing tax lien certificate redemption in your area. Tax liens are sold at or above face value.

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Locating and Understanding Tax Lien Auctions

A Tax Lien auction is a court-ordered auction. Depending upon the state and the nature of sales it can be an auction for tax deed sales or tax lien certificates.

Tax Lien Courses

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Building Wealth with Tax Lien Investments

Very few people actually understand tax lien investments.

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Government Tax Sale Properties

You need to learn about tax lien properties before investing.

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Procedures of Tax Lien Sales

The procedures for tax lien sales differ from county to county.

Tax Lien Certificate Return Calculator

Tax Lien Certificate Return Calculator


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