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Written by: Kevin Zimmerman

Government Tax Sales
Investing in real estate is generally considered a sound a financial decision by most financial analysts. Though most people typically think of traditional types of real estate investing, such as acquiring properties for quick resale at a profit or for rental income, tax liens and tax deeds are also great opportunities to accrue wealth in the real estate niche.

Government tax sales are offered in the form of tax lien and deed auction in virtually every state and provide a decent return on investment in most cases. Some states offer either one or the other while some states offer both types of sales.

Government Tax Lien Certificate States
Tax lien certificate sales are sales that are offered because there is a lien for outstanding taxes owed on the property. These types of sales are conducted via auctions in the states where they are offered and will normally have an interest rate associated with them.

Generally, this is how tax lien sales work… The winning bidder at a tax lien auction is issued what is known as a tax lien certificate for the property. The original owner will often have a period of time to redeem the property, which is known as a redemption period. During this time, interest is accruing on the property that must also be paid to redeem the property. If the property is redeemed, the investor (holder of the lien certificate) profits by collecting the interest. If the property is not redeemed, the investor has the right to obtain the deed to the property.

Government Tax Deed Auction States
Tax deed sales are similar, but work a bit differently. In most cases, there is no interest rate associated with tax deed sales, but some states do charge interest on foreclosed properties. Properties that have been seized for nonpayment of real estate taxes are offered at auction to investors; and there may or may not be a redemption period depending on the state. In most cases, investors have the right to obtain the deed to the property once the redemption period has passed.

Rules and regulations regarding government tax sales vary from state to state. If you are interested in tax lien certificate sales or tax deed sales, you will need to research the requirements for each state individually.

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