Alabama Tax Lien Certificate Sales - (AL)

Written by: Kevin Zimmerman

The state of Alabama conducts its tax lien sales in May each year. An overview of relevant tax lien certificate sales information indicates that Alabama is a worth considering for tax lien investing. Alabama tax lien sales are held via a bidding process in which the bidder raises the amount above the minimum that he/she is willing to pay. The amount of the bid that exceeds the minimum is eligible for interest up to a maximum 15% of the property's value. Bidding amounts that surpass 15% of the value of the property are not eligible to receive interest. However, the principal amount will be returned.

An Overview of Alabama Tax Lien Sales

The interest rate for Alabama tax sales is 12% per year with a redemption period of up to 3 years. Alabama tax lien certificate auctions are held in their respective counties in May or June of each year.

Alabama also holds tax foreclosure sales in which the delinquent tax payer has up to three years to redeem the certificate after which time it matures to a deed and passes to the purchaser of the certificate.

Alabama Tax Sales Bidding Process

All tax sales held in Alabama are held via a competitive bidding process which is based on the overbid amount. The interest rate of the property is reduced by the amount of the overbid.

Although it does not rank at the top, as a whole, Alabama can be considered a viable state for tax lien certificate investing.


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