New Hampshire Tax Deed Auctions - (NH)

Written by: Kevin Zimmerman

The state of New Hampshire does not conduct tax lien certificate sales. However, it does conduct tax deed sales. It is only considered an average state for tax deed investing because information is difficult to obtain regarding. Plus, the property owner has quite some time to redeem the property.

An Overview of New Hampshire Tax Deed Sales

There is no interest rate associated with New Hampshire tax deed sales. In spite of this, the property owner must pay the county 18% interest to eradicate the lien and retain the property and prevent foreclosure. The owner, however, has more than enough time to redeem the property, as the redemption period is a lengthy 5 years.

In New Hampshire, the counties/municipalities set the dates and times for tax deed sales. Tax deed sales are not held frequently.

New Hampshire Tax Sales Bidding Process

All tax sales held in New Hampshire are held via a competitive bidding process.

As a whole, New Hampshire is not the best state for tax deed investing since the redemption period is lengthy and information regarding properties can be almost impossible to obtain.


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