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Tax Lien Information - What is a Tax Lien and How Do I Invest?

Written by: Jordan Reed

Tax Lien Investors Need Information to Invest Profitably
Most people have not heard of tax lien investing. They just don't have the information to invest profitably in tax lien certificates. Yet there are millions of people across the country earning safe, secure, and most importantly, high percentage interest returns by investing in tax lien certificates. To put it simply, investing in tax liens is an easy, high profit way to invest in real estate, without needing large sums of money to do it.

Tax Lien Information - What is a Tax Lien?
Each year property taxes are due on all properties. The local government uses the money from property taxes to pay for various things in the community. If an owner doesn't pay their property taxes, the government still needs that money to be able to run their county effectively! So what's a government to do? They levy a tax lien against that property and auction it off at a tax lien sale. An investor, YOU, will purchase that tax lien with the understanding that you will earn a certain percentage interest rate. When the owner of the property finally pays off their taxes(plus penalty fees), the county then cuts a check to the investor for the principle amount invested, plus any interest or penalty fees accrued. The county makes out because they get the money they need to run things, the home owner or business makes out because they are given more time to pay off their taxes, and the investor makes out because they just earned a lot of money without really doing much at all!

Tax Liens - The Road to Wealth for Informed Investors
If you're looking to invest in, or acquire, real estate, then tax lien and tax deed auctions may be your path to wealth you never imagined was possible for such a small start up amount. At tax deed auctions you can acquire property for anywhere from 50%-80% of it's appraised value, and at tax lien auctions you can invest in property and earn unheard of returns of 15%, 30% and up to 240% on your initial investment.

Information for Locating Tax Lien Auctions
You may think there's a catch involved in this, that tax liens and deeds can't possibly really be that profitable. But you're wrong, and there's many resources out there that can help you get started investing in tax deeds and tax lien certificates. Everything past that is just legwork. Finding when and where the auctions are, and what you have to do to attend. You can do this yourself once you learn the principles, but there are also packages that can be purchased which have all this information listed for you. It's a relatively small investment for the amount of information contained and the time it will save you in the long run.


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