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Not All States are Tax Lien States - Some States are Tax Deed States

Written by: Kevin Zimmerman

There is a Difference Between Tax Lien States and Tax Deed States
While every state and jurisdiction has a way to deal with tax delinquency, not all states are tax lien states. Some states are tax deed states. Tax liens and tax deeds do not work the same exact way.

Interest Rates for Tax Lien States
If you are looking to invest in tax liens, you should know which states are tax lien states. Below you will find a helpful chart of tax lien states and current government guideline interest rates for these tax lien states.

The following table lists "tax lien states" and the current standard rate of return for tax liens in those states.

Alabama 12% Massachusetts 18% North Carolina 12%
Arizona 16% Michigan 15% to 50% North Dakota 12%
Colorado 9% Mississippi 17% Rhode Island 12%
Connecticut 18% Missouri 10% South Carolina 8%
Florida 18% Montana at 10% South Dakota 12%
Illinois 18% Nebraska 14% Tennessee 10%
Indiana 10% to 25% New Hampshire 18% Vermont 12%
Iowa 24% New Jersey 18% West Virginia 12%
Kentucky 12% New York 14% Wyoming 18%
Louisiana 5% North Carolina 12% District of Columbia (varies)
Maryland 12% to 24% North Dakota 12% Puerto Rico (varies)

Procedures for Investing in Tax Lien States
Before you attend your first tax lien sale, it would be a good idea to find out the exact procedures for your state and county. How everything works varies from location to location. Your best preparation would be to know the exact procedures in your county and state before you go.


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